Identity No. Description
A9C C-SAMS Molding Equipment; includes the following:
1 each - Mold Control Unit
1 each - Extruder
1 each - Extruder Manifold, Screw Type (KIT  A11)
1 each - Set of Transit Cases for Extruder and Extruder manifold (KIT  A12) (See Note 2)
A11 C-SAMS Extruder Manifold, Screw Type
A12 C-SAMS Transit Case KIT ; includes the following:
1 each – C-SAMS Extruder Case
1 each – C-SAMS Extruder Manifold Case
A13 C-SAMS Water Chiller KIT  (does not include the A14 SAMS Water Manifold Assembly KIT ) with Wooden Shipping/Storage Crate
A14 C-SAMS Water Manifold Assembly KIT  with Wooden Shipping/Storage Crate
A14C C-SAMS/SAMS Water Manifold Assembly KIT
A14D C-SAMS/SAMS Water Manifold Flow Meter Upgrade KIT
A15 SAMS Spares KIT  with Tool Box (Only used with SAMS supplied prior to October 2000)
A15C C-SAMS Spares KIT  with Tool Box
A15D C-SAMS Upgrade Spares KIT  (supplement to A15 when C-SAMS controller used with pre October 2000 SAMS unit)
A16C C-SAMS Maintenance Tool KIT  with Tool Box
A19 C-SAMS Extruder Nozzle KIT
CAM 005AA X-Ray Camera Type 13 Mk III (excluding collets) (See Note 3)
FRM 001AA Jointing Frame
FRM 002AA Preparation Frames (See note 1)
JAK 001AA Mold lifting jack
K9 Fusion Splicer UJS-S100R
K10 Tool KIT for UJS-S100R
K13 OS & OCC-SC100 Package Shaving Tool
KIT 041AA X-Ray Camera Type 13 Mk III spares KIT
KIT 080AA Gas Tool KIT  for Heatshrink encapsulated UJ
KIT 082AA UJ X-Ray Collet KIT  (See note 4)
KIT 100AA UJ Core reinstatement tool KIT  (common tools)
KIT 101AA UJ Armor tool KIT
KIT 102AA UJ Torque equipment KIT  (excluding inserts)
KIT 103AA Common Core Upgrade Tool KIT  For KIT 09002 Jointing
MLD 029AA Joint Housing Mold (including heaters and thermocouples)
PRS 003AA Ferrule press (excluding dies)
PUP 008AA Electro-hydraulic pump (See Note 5)
TBL 001AA Molding table
TBL 005AA Fiber splicing table
TOL 034AA Armor assembly press


Please note that this list is for information only. This list is updated on a continuous basis and may not be accurate at a given time. Please contact the UJC Coordinator for any specific information.

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