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Provided by the Universal Jointing Consortium (UJ Consortium), for the Advancement of the Submarine Cable Jointing Arts.


The benefits of the Universal Joint (UJ) for the repair and installation of subsea fibre optic cable systems are widely acknowledged within the Telecommunication Industry. Since its first installation in 1990 the technology has proven its reliability in-service and provides an efficient and cost effective method of connecting most
types of submarine optical telecommunication cables, using a common set of equipment and standardised piece parts.


The Universal Joint (UJ) is a method of connecting all types of submarine optical telecommunication cables, regardless of manufacture, using common construction equipment and standard piece-parts in the joint as far as is practicable.

universalThe Universal Joint Common Component KIT 09002


The Universal Quick Joint (UQJ) has evolved where the evolution of smaller diameter non-repeatered cables requiring a more economical, yet universal approach to jointing non-repeatered cables is required.

UQJThe Universal Quick Joint Common Component KIT 30000
universal coupling


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