In order to minimise environmental impact, expended, part used or obsolete UJ and UQJ piece part kits should be recycled where possible. Where this is not possible, they should be disposed of responsibly.

  1. Where possible, parts constructed from more than one material should be disassembled.
  2. Piece parts should be separated into ferrous metals, non-ferrous metals and plastics for recycling.
  3. Grey metal Armor components are made from steel (ferrous metal) with a zinc coating and should be recycled with ferrous metals.
  4. Plastic components may be recycled where there are facilities for recycling these materials.
  5. Where there are no facilities for recycling particular materials, they should be disposed of responsibly.
  6. All recycling and disposal should be carried out in accordance with relevant national regulations.
  7. Where relevant licensing arrangements exist, licenced recyclers should be used.
  8. Adhesives and sealants may contain hazardous materials. They should be responsibly disposed of in accordance with any instructions on the immediate packaging.
  9. Transit cases may be repurposed. However, where they are to be scrapped, the aluminium edging may be removed for non-ferrous metal recycling and the locks and hinges recycled as ferrous metals. The foam and boards should be disposed of responsibly.

Note: This information is provided for guidance only. National regulations take precedence in all events.

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