This page provides brief articles that give a technical insight into the UJ Consortium's qualification activities and products.


  pdfTechnical Insight - Fiber Splicing Technology for Universal Joint August 2014
  pdfTechnical Insight: UJ Molding Process May 2015
  pdfTechnical Insight: UJ/UC and UQJ Armor Clamp December 2015
  pdfTechnical Insight: UJ Molding Qualification June 2016
   pdfTechnical Insight: Bend-Sensitive Fibers August 2017
   pdfTechnical Insight: Pressure Testing December 2017 
   pdfTechnical Insight: New Fiber Fusion Splicer UJS-S200 August 2018 
  pdfTechnical Insight: Universal Jointing Training February 2019


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