The UJ Consortium is now providing guidance on the safe and responsible disposal of UJ and UQJ piece parts and piece part kits. The guidance is available here and may be found on this website under 'Technical Information' on 'Piece Part Disposal'. The guidance covers recycling, safe disposal of hazardous materials and advises compliance with all relevant local regulations. 

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The shelf life of Fiber Restraint Kit (KIT261AA), used for OCC-SC520, OCC-SC530 and OCC-SC370 cables, has been extended to 33 months from the date of manufacture indicated on the kit.

The UJ Consortium is pleased to announce that laboratory testing has enabled extension of the shelf-life of some adhesives used in UJ and UQJ. The current shelf-life of all UJ and UQJ adhesive kits can be found in 'Adhesive Kits and Shelf Lives' under the 'Technical Information' tab.

The UJC is pleased to announce that as of 1 January 2015, Jon Reynolds of Connecting Technologies Ltd has been appointed as the independent UJ Consortium Coordinator. The UJC members would like to seize this opportunity to express their gratitude and thank M. Henri Palacin and Axiom for their contribution in the role of UJC Coordinator over the past 6 years.

Jon has over 30 years’ experience in submarine cable jointing systems and was involved in the development and launch of the Universal Joint and Universal Coupling (UJ/UC) from 1989 until 1996. Since then he has worked as a technical consultant in cable jointing technology, as an analyser of jointing performance and in the administration of a key submarine cable industry organisation. Over the past 2 months, Jon has worked with the UJ Consortium representatives to ensure a smooth handover of responsibilities.

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