Design and Specification

Universal Jointing equipment is designed for functionality, accuracy, portability and reliability, thus giving consistent, optimum results in the harsh shipboard marine environment. Designs and manufacturing methods are frequently reviewed to optimise performance and, where appropriate, to minimise jointing times.

The UJ Consortium strongly recommends the use of only the jointing equipment items specified in the UJ and UQJ Construction Manuals. Details of jointing equipment items common to all UJs and UCs are provided on the Jointing Equipment Page of the UJ Consortium website.

Inspection, Qualification and Calibration

The quality management systems of all of the UJ Consortium suppliers are accredited against the relevant standards (i.e. ISO 9001) and they apply rigorous measures to ensure that the Universal Jointing equipment they supply is inspected, tested and, where appropriate, calibrated against traceable standards. Manufacturers of assured quality are utilized for equipment manufacture, working from UJ Consortium approved and controlled drawings, using certified materials and inspected using measuring equipment that is calibrated against traceable standards.

Maintenance and Re-calibration

Universal Jointing equipment is supplied with an Operation and Maintenance Manual (OMM). Current issues of the Operation and Maintenance Manuals are provided on the UJ Explorer data stick. The UJ Consortium strongly recommends equipment users to have suitably qualified technicians maintain the equipment by reference to the appropriate manual and to operate a regular re-calibration program where this is specified in the Operation and Maintenance Manual.

Purchase of Jointing Equipment

UJ, UC and UQJ jointing equipment can be purchased from any Consortium Member. Contact details of each of the UJ Consortium Members can be found on the Contacts Page of this website.

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