Using the same principles developed for the Universal Joint (UJ) the Universal Joint Consortium (UJC) offers a jointing solution for the unrepeatered cable market called the 'Universal Quick Joint (UQJ)', designed to be compatible with non-repeatered cables.

Simplified Design

  • Quick jointing times (<6 hours for a 12 fibre lightweight cable)
  • Less than three weeks initial training. One week upgrade for UJ trained jointers
  • Existing UJ tool kits can be upgraded for UQJ capability
  • Tested to the same internationally recognised standards as UJ

Outline Technical UQJ Specification

  • 72mm outside diameter and rigid length of 75cm
  • Minimum bend radius 0.75m
  • Can be handled by conventional cable machinery or non-repeatered cable installation and maintenance spreads
  • Design for 25 year service life
  • 6000m deployment depth (tested to 8000m)
  • Bespoke insulation restoration technology (does not require injection moulding and X-ray inspection equipment)
  • Maximum fibre joint 48 fibres

UQJ dimensions

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