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Necessity for Certified UJ, UC and UQJ Training

For the safe and reliable construction of joints, the UJ Consortium strongly recommends that cable owners check the qualification status of jointers who will work on their submarine cable system(s) to verify that they have been appropriately trained and are currently in qualification as certified by a UJC training school or one that is formally linked to a UJC training school. Only by doing this can cable owners be sure that jointers have access to the latest processes and techniques, which have been transferred directly to the training schools by the UJ Consortium’s Design Authorities.

Training Quality Assurance

The quality management systems of all of the UJC Consortium training schools comply with the UJ Consortium’s common Training Standard UJQP004 and they apply rigorous measures to ensure that training of the highest quality is provided.

Making Arrangements for Jointer Training

Training in UJ, UC and UQJ construction techniques can be purchased from any Consortium Member. Contact details of each of the UJC Training Schools can be found on the Training School Contacts Page of this website.


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