For any commercial request, please contact directly each UJC member.

Please use the 'Contact Us' form to send us your enquiry or feedback.
All received information may be published on our website (subject to correspondent's agreement).

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FAQ's - Commercial

  • 2.01 - Where can I buy UJ products?

    You may purchase UJ products from any Consortium Member. Contact details of each Consortium Member can be found on our website:

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  • 2.02 - Where can I get a price list for UJ products and services?

    Each consortium member defines and, is responsible, for the commercial strategy for the sale and delivery of its associated UJ products and services. Contact the relevant consortium member for advice and latest information on prices and delivery of UJ products and services.

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  • 2.03 - I have already paid for a UJ qualification, why do I have to pay for fibre splice qualification?

    Cable UJ qualification means that mechanical aspects of the jointing have been addressed but not optical fibres splicing as these can vary according to the specific system requirements. Optical fibre splicing is a separate topic that has to be verified through a dedicated process.

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