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FAQ's - Training

  • 4.01 - Where can I get training for UJ/UQJ?

    Each Consortium Member runs a Training School that offers training and mentoring on every aspect of the construction of UJ/UC/UQJ joints on UJC qualified cables. The courses range from a basic course for jointers with no previous experience, to more advanced courses for senior personnel.

    The provision of consistent, high quality jointer training is essential for the successful transfer of Universal Jointing technology from the designers into the field. Non-UJC member training schools’ facilities and instructors are sponsored by a UJC member and are Sponsored as providing ‘UJC sponsored’ jointer training and certification, ensuring that high quality training is given and that full traceability can be maintained.

    UJC Sponsored Training Schools may train only their own jointing personnel in Universal Jointing (UJ/UC and UQJ) technologies and must only use the staff trained by the UJC certified instructors for this purpose. UJC Sponsored Training School instructors cannot in turn train or certify other instructors.

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  • 4.02 - What is UJ Training certification?

    UJ training certification is the process by which jointers are trained to the UJ/UQJ/UC techniques applicable to specific cable types/families. When jointers have successfully completed the appropriate training course, they receive a certificate from the training school attesting that they are qualified on the relevant UJ/UQJ/UC techniques.

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  • 4.03 - What checks should cable owners make on the qualifications of jointers who will work on their cable system?

    For the safe and reliable construction of joints, the UJ Consortium strongly recommends that cable owners check with their marine service provider the qualification status of jointers who will work on their submarine cable system(s) to verify that they have been appropriately trained and are currently in qualification as certified by a UJC training school or one that is formally linked to a UJC training school. Only by doing this can cable owners be sure that jointers have access to the latest processes and techniques, which have been transferred directly to the training schools by the UJ Consortium’s Design Authorities.

    If in doubt, check with the UJC Training School who issued the certificate. Only certificates showing reference to one of the UJC Members are recognised by the UJ Consortium. Please see the UJC Training School Contacts page for details. For further questions, please use the Enquiry Form.

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